The Association of Reformed Baptists Churches of America (ARBCA) works together to faithfully hold to biblical truth and vigorously proclaim the gospel to a needy world. Association churches subscribe to The Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 and cooperate in four primary areas:

  1. Home Missions: Member churches may present a home missionary to the Church Planting Committee for support to help them plant a church. 
  2. Foreign Missions: The Reformed Baptist Mission Services (RBMS) is a service organization that assists local churches in sending men to plant churches in countries around the world.  
  3. Theological Education: The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (IRBS), located in Escondido, CA, gives our called men five Baptist courses on the campus of Westminster Seminary California.  The men receive an M.Div from WSC and a certificate from IRBS. 
  4. Publications: Reformed Baptist Publications (RBP) publishes helpful booklets that are marketed by Solid-Ground Christian Books